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Undaunted by the diastrophic dwarfism that has affected Errera since birth, he had to balance his efforts in music with over 20 surgeries to help fix his hips, knees and feet. His childhood passion progressed to a college education in music performance and composition, with performance scholarships to both the Northern Illinois and DePaul University schools of music. Today Chris works as a producer for many Chicago-based artists, as well as a motivational speaker. Errera’s music and story are towering examples of artistry and success.

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Composed Movie

This documentary follows a brilliant musician named Chris Errera. He is a working music composer about to release his first album, trained in classical piano since the age of 4 he follows his heart and only that.

Fighting an already uphill battle from his height, he lost the use of his legs and lower body in 2000 to spinal stenosis and is now on cruches.
Although this would seem like a story of pity, sadness and charity, it is not.

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Genres: Instrumental, Music, Electronic Released late 2010.

Enter The Twilight

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Striking the Right Chords

Categories: Media, News | Posted by: CFCo

“We’ve got time for one more song before break, so how about I play ‘Lullaby?’” Chris Errera asks from the stage. “Yes, thank you!” comes a response from a fan who’s been anticipating the selection, eliciting applause and shouts of approval from fellow audience members, and a smile from Errera.